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Here Are Some Of The Services We Have To Offer

We offer our services to your home or business anywhere in the world remotely. If needed we will come to your home or business in the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties as well. We honestly prefer it that way to minimize your headaches!

Taylor Computer Solutions is able keep our rates low by keep our overhead as low as possible meaning we don’t have a store front. Taylor Computer Solutions provides on site and remote service so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of moving your computer, waiting a week or more to have it returned to you and then having to re-set it up yourself. A lot of times something that you’ve been working on for several hours could have just been a quick phone call to Taylor Computer Solutions and we could have you up and running again a lot sooner.

— Repairs —

Has your computer started acting up? Let us help you today. Why just “deal with it”? We will work our best to fix your Desktop, Laptop, Mac, or mobile device and get you up and running again ASAP!

— Backups —

At Taylor Computer Solutions we believe that backing up your computer online (aka “offsite” or in the “cloud”) and/or onsite are a huge part of keeping you and your information safe!

— Viruses —

Viruses are a nasty part of everyday life today. With the help of Taylor Computer Solutions, we will disinfect your computer as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will also put in place software and teach you more about keeping you and your information safe.

— Custom Built PC —

Custom Built computers are the way to go. We build your system to YOUR specific needs without all of the junk software from larger companies. You can always go to a local big chain store and buy some cheap computer off of the shelf but unfortunately most of the time those turn in to a much bigger headache than what they are worth. We will assist in transferring your files and helping you set up your newly custom built computer with only the software you need to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

— Surveillance —

Surveillance systems for homes and businesses are a reliable way to protect yourself and others at your home or office. They help bring businesses and home owners peace of mind. We will come and do a survey of your business or home and suggest what kind of system would be best to fit your specific needs. Once we are finished setting up your new surveillance system we will teach you how to access it from all of your devices so that you can have peace of mind even if you are relaxing on a beach halfway across the world.

— Automation —

With home automation we will make it so you are always in complete control of your home or business. With automation there are so many possibilities. Here is a list of just a few of the things that you can do with automation. Control your door locks, garage door, thermostat, turn on and off your lighting or dim it, change the color of your lights, make your sprinkler system smarter, turn on or off you water main, and much much more. Just contact us today and we will set up an appointment to meet with you and find out what will work best for you.

— Web Design —

Are you looking to update your current site? Or build a new one all together? Add the ability for an online store? Are you looking to add online appointment scheduling and/or payments for your customers? Whatever your needs may be, Taylor Computer Solutions will be there for you. We will work with you closely to insure that you get the new site that you’ve been dreaming of.

— Customized E-Mail —

Have you always wanted to have [email protected]? Do you already own your own domain but you haven’t set up the email for it for you and your business? We will transfer any and all email that you have currently to you new email addresses and help you set up your computers and mobile devices.

Taylor Computer Solutions is not limited to the services listed above. If it’s electronic we will fix it or help you understand it better. Trust in us for all of your computer, design, and technology needs.